Selecting the proper hose is critical to the safe operation of any system.  Whether in a high-pressure hydraulic system, a steam system, or even a low-pressure water system, hose failure can be disastrous.  Proper hose selection begins with identifying the application and the material to be transferred.  A simple way to help remember and a good rule of thumb in selecting a hose is the word: STAMPED 


  • Ensures proper performance for the material being conveyed. 
  • Minimizes the risk of property damage or bodily injury due to leaks, burst hoses or ends blowing off. 
  • Is important for preventative maintenance and longevity, factors that reduce downtime and maintenance cost.  

S - Size

What size do you need?  What is the inside diameter as well as the outside diameter of the hose?  What is the overall length of the hose assembly including fittings? What is the tolerance?

T - Temperature

Consider interior and exterior temperature as well as temperature impact on the material being conveyed. 

A - Application

  • Where and how will the hose be used?  
  • How often will the hose be used (continuous, intermittent, seldom)? 
  • Do you need a special hose construction (crush resistant for example)?
  • Conductivity requirements?
  • Is the hose used in a critical application?
  • Are there government or industrial standard requirements?
  • Use hoses that are specifically designed for certain applications - Steam, LP Gas and Corrosive Chemicals for example.  

M - Material Media

What is the material that is being conveyed?  What is the chemical name as well as the state (liquid, solid or gas)?

P - Pressure

What is the max working pressure that you will need?  Will the hose see any spikes in pressure?  Will the hose be used for vacuum?

E - Ends

What ends do you need on each end of the hose?  What size and style fittings: cam and groove, threaded, flanged etc?  What fitting material?  Do you need caps and plugs?  What orientation do the fittings need to be?  How did you want the fittings attached (crimped/banded/swaged)? 

D - Delivery

How many do you need and when and where do you need them delivered?