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CleanFlow Foot Valve

4" x 3" Hydraulic 90 degree

Part # 844/9000



The Hydraulic Cleanflow Footvalve with 90 degree Outlet is the ultimate in high performance Bottom Outlet Valves.  This new concept in bottom discharge has completely eliminated all internal valve construction.  This valve offers considerable cleaning advantages over conventional valves of this type and requires minimal maintenance.  Fitted with an external hydraulic cylinder this valve totally removes the possibility of contaminating the product with hydraulic oil.  The Hydraulic Cleanflow  is interchangeable with existing standard type Hydraulic Footvalves.  Thus, retro-fit is possible, giving the advantage of this new valve concept to most existing tank trucks.


The Hydraulic Cleanflow is a 90 degree Outlet Valve with  a full 3" bore, manufactured in 316 stainless steel.  The main seal is a Fortyt 'O' ring, silicone rubber encapsulated with Teflon,  giving the corrosion resistance of Teflon with the sealing qualities of rubber.  Spindle seals are a combination of Teflon and viton rubber.  The outlet flange is drilled to 3" TTMA specification.  Other outlet flanges are available on request.  Welds are fully homogeneous to ASME design requirements.  All sealing faces have serrations to BS1560 Part 2 for efficient sealing with Teflon gaskets.  The operating spring is totally enclosed and does not come into contact with the product in any way.



Associated Parts

Part #
Inlet Gasket 5005-441
Outlet Gasket 5005-445
Tank Pad 299/0102
Stud Kit 845/2045
Bolting Kit US039



The trap-free internal lines of the Hydraulic Cleanflow Valve reduce the amount of product residue to a minimum.  When cleaning, a steam lance penetrates right through to the interior from the outside of the tank to the pressure plate and inlet flange.  During maintenance of the pressure plate and seal, the valve can be locked in the open position before working on the valve.  All main seals are standard sizes and are easily available worldwide.


The valve is hydraulically operated and has a 1/8" NPT connection.  An indicator finger shows the valves open / closed position.  The valve functions to a maximum hydraulic pressure of 1740 PSIG.  In the event of a failure in the supply of pressure, the valve can be operated by use of a 1" wrench on the location provided on the handle.  The spring loading of the valve pressure plate ensures that the valve is securely close when the hydraulic pressure is reduced.


The bore is totally unrestricted which, together with the lack of spring cage internally, gives a much cleaner flow rate.  The discharge rate of the valve under gravity is 132 U.S. Gallons / Minute and gives a flow equivalent to that of a 4" conventional style Hydraulic Valve.

All part numbers refer to stainless steel assemblies.

Seal Kits: Items marked SK included in Seal Kit - 845/00SK

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